The enchantment of flowers in an assortment that continues to amaze.

The intuition and creativity of Alessandra Santi took form in Frida’s. The idea was born of the desire to create something different in the floral world, a place where you can dream with eyes open, fill your heart with beauty and let yourself be carried away by a multitude of flowers.
Frida’s is much more than a flower store: it is a concept store where the classic and modern blend together. Entering a Frida’s store is like living an all-encompassing experience of colour, form, fragrance and flowers. Lots of flowers.


From the dawn of the first Frida’s store, we have sought to create an elegant and refined atmosphere in which to welcome, surprise and excite the public. We believe in elegant settings and refined courtesy at the heart of the Frida’s experience.


To compose, create and construct are the fruit of outstanding artistic talent. Frida’s philosophy resides in the will to perceive our profession as an art to be radiated across the cities of Italy.


The soul of Frida’s resides in the hands, creativity and passion of our Floral Designers: talented people who love flowers and their craft. Be it from a dream, a colour or an emotion, their inspiration transforms Frida’s fresh flowers into a unique composition.


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Frida’s stores blossom in the most well-liked areas of Italian cities. Places where the eyes and heart can savour the beauty of flowers and their colours.
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Frida’s Academy

Advanced educational courses Frida's Retail


Frida’s accompanies those who love flowers and want to learn how to become a future professional floral designer. The course begins with basic floral techniques (choice of flowers, cleaning, processing, composition and care), and continues with Frida’s store management, display layout structure and sales techniques. All in perfect Frida’s style.

Advanced educational courses Frida's Advanced


Frida’s offers advanced educational courses to those who already possess a solid technical base in the world of flowers and want to discover the secrets of largescale displays. In these courses advanced techniques are taught to form event professionals capable of creating the perfect atmosphere for each unique location.

Advanced educational courses Frida's Workshop


Frida’s organises floral laboratories for small groups in its concept stores at a territorial level, as well as larger workshops at clients’ companies. This team building activity stimulates creativity and group-oriented work and is a unifying opportunity for various levels of the command chain. All human resources involved, regardless of their position, can freely express themselves through flowers.


The efficiency of the fresh supply chain dictates a tight, fast pace: from the first morning light we are on the job to guarantee flowers arrive fresh and in excellent condition to our clients. Competencies and various roles are synergistically united through enthusiastic and passionate team work.


We like to make our customers happy.


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