Frequently Asked Questions


The flowers at Frida’s stores are fresh, high-quality flowers. Frida’s delivers and ships only its own flowers without availing the support of other florists.


Product photographs portray the essence and character of the bouquets, cones, boxes, sushi and hatboxes. Please note that, as each flower and composition is unique, the form and effect of the final product can vary slightly with respect to its photograph.


Deliveries are made through the arc of the day and it is in no way possible to schedule a specific delivery time, as this depends on the availability of our logistical partners.
One exception: delivery time can be scheduled for funerals and is guaranteed


Frida’s offers full refund for orders not delivered on the scheduled date due to technical issues attributable to Frida’s and for deliveries delayed for more than 24 hours that are also attributable to Frida’s.
If, however, delivery was not possible due to circumstances beyond the company’s control, Frida’s will not issue a refund.

Refunds will not be granted in the following cases:

  • the recipient is not at home
  • erroneous or incomplete addresses
  • the recipient’s name is not listed on the intercom
  • the intercom is out of order


For cases in which the order was sent directly from a Frida’s Store, the floral compositions remain available for instore pick-up for the next two business days.

For cases in which orders are delivered via an express courier, a second delivery attempt will be made on the first business day. However, if the recipient or the information necessary to complete the delivery remains incomplete, the order will not be delivered.


Delivery will not be guaranteed for erroneous or incomplete information given during order compilation. Frida’s will not be responsible for orders that go undelivered.


Important: for the duration of the restrictions in force for the COVID-19 emergency it is not possible to deliver to health facilities.

For deliveries to hospitals, nursing homes, etc., ward name and room number are required.

For delivery to hotels, the name the guest is registered under (company, group or partner) and their room number (if possible) are required.

Frida’s will attempt to deliver orders in respect of the rules of all public premises. However, it cannot be held responsible if, due to an establishment’s policy, they are prevented in doing so. Frida’s cannot authorize a refund in cases in which it was unable to deliver an order due to the circumstances described above.


If the credit card or payment method information provided is incorrect, Frida’s will be unable to process the order.


The order can be cancelled up to 2 business days prior to the desired delivery date by indicating the relative order number.

Cancellation after this time limit may be accepted by way of exception although a full refund of the value of the order is not guaranteed. It is not possible to make returns. Cancellation requests must be sent to this email address:


Delivery for holidays such as Christmas, Saint Valentine’s Day, Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day etc., Frida’s reserves the right to cancel the reservation with full refund.

Frida’s is with you!

If you require assistance with the online flower buying process write to us at or call 0514982540
(Monday to Friday 9:30 am – 1:00 pm / 2:00 – 5:30 pm)