Give form to your dreams,
Open your own Frida’s Store.

If you are a creative person and want to start your own business, Frida’s is at your side. In opening a Frida’s Store you will have an accomplished, recognisable brand at your disposal and will be able to offer your clientele a vast range of rare fresh-cut flowers.


Franchising roses and colored flowers in our Frida's Stores

Flowers, emotions and colours
to express your creativity.

Frida’s franchising is ready and waiting. Thanks to our 24h active supply chain, the flowers you chose every week will be delivered in record time.

You will enjoy full creative autonomy, our constant support for retail sales and weddings, as well as integrated software for fiscal compliance. In addition, you will have authorised access to the online order-sorting system with area-specific priority (?) through our national online store.

From the day you open your store Frida’s franchising will be by your side to continue your training, both at our headquarters and in your store, with ever new incentives, operational support for events as well as all the technical (or other) support you need. Tell us about yourself in the form below!

Cerchiamo nuovi floral designers


  • Passion for flowers
  • Strong creativity and good handiwork
  • Aptitude for working with the public
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Elegance
Frida's Store


  • We conduct a market analysis and develop a business plan
  • We provide support in your search for retail space in your city (25-35m2)
  • We define the store’s furnishings and produce the layout
  • We create the social business pages and geolocation of your store
  • We organise key communication and marketing activities
  • We provide personalised training with initial sessions held at our Academy in Bologna

Frida's Emotions

Frida’s team supports your creativity. From day one, the Frida’s brand provides your franchise store with the strong credibility it has achieved during more than ten years of nation-wide activity.


We like to make our customers happy.


The first contact is never forgotten. This is why we make sure that each of your requests is treated with care and the greatest attention by our dedicated team.

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