Tin Bucket


The Bucket contains:

  • 3 Lilac/Pink Roses
  • 3 Light Coloured Roses
  • 1 Carnation
  • 1 Lilac/Pink Gillyflower
  • Wax
  • Rosemary

Frida’s Tin Bucket is a practical tin container with rope edging that can be reused in various ways. Frida’s logo is printed on the front and a pretty floral design on the back. It contains a patented wet sponge that releases water for the duration of the flowers. This composition is a gift of joy and serenity.

Top Ø: 13 cm
Base: 9 cm
Height: 11 cm

Frida's suggestions

To take care for your flowers we suggest adding water with a spoon to the centre of the composition every two days.
By absorbing the correct amount of water the flowers will desiccate properly for later conservation.


We are very fond of our flowers here at Frida’s, however, the GREEN foliage also plays a fundamental role. We enjoy using seasonal materials to introduce you to intriguing, fragrant products that enhance our bouquets and compositions with maximum effect. All our bouquets and sponge-based compositions make use of an assortment carefully chosen greenery to heighten the seasonality and colours of our products.