Symphony Cube


The cube contains:

  • Peach coloured Roses
  • Gillyflower
  • Yellow Carnations
  • Burgundy Carnations
  • Mist Flower
  • Light Blue stabilised Butcher’s Broom

Frida’s cube is a practical tin box that can later serve for a variety of uses. Frida’s logo is printed on the front, while a pretty floral design appears on the back. It contains a patented wet sponge that releases water for the duration of the flowers.
Symphony Cube holds the season’s most beautiful flowers in an embrace, whose quality and colours have been chosen to create a balance of contrasts and shapes inspiring a sweet yet complex melody.

Base: 12×12 cm
Height: 10 cm

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Frida's suggestions

To take care for your flowers we suggest adding water with a spoon to the centre of the composition every two days.
By absorbing the correct amount of water the flowers will desiccate properly for later conservation.