Ring Around the Rosie Mini Hatbox


The Hatbox is composed of:

  • 3 stabilised Lilac Roses
  • White, Yellow and Green Canary Grass
  • Coloured Craspedia

Mini Hatbox Frida’s is a handmade box with heat-sealed brand logo in gold (Ø 10 cm, ht. 12 cm). Sweetness, freshness and joy inspired this sparkling, cheerful yet delicate composition. Three stabilised lilac roses are surrounded by light hues of yellow and aqua green.
Give Ring Around the Rosie Mini Hatbox to celebrate an important event or as a reminder of how fun it is to play.

Frida's suggestions

To take care for your Hatbox we suggest adding water with a spoon to the centre of the composition every two days.
By absorbing the correct amount of water the flowers will desiccate properly for later conservation.