Iceland Bouquet


The Bouquet is composed of:

  • Cotton Flowers
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Light Blue Canary Grass
  • White Bunny Tail Grass
  • Whitened Butcher’s Broom
  • Coloured Asparagus Fern

Iceland’s Nature always finds a way to amaze, pacify, energise and bring clarity to the viewer. On this marvellous island, Nature plays the lead role. The colours of Iceland are at times dusty, at others they increase in brilliance, but basically they appear pastel-like in contrast with the black volcanic landscape. This bouquet is Frida’s way of celebrating the beauty of this territory. Give the Iceland Bouquet to a friend or to yourself, if you love this land and appreciate a bouquet that needs no water.

Frida's suggestions

Please note: The bouquet is held in a glass vase (ht. 20 cm and Ø 8 cm).
The images are for demonstration purposes to show the size of the bouquet. The glass vase is not included and the bouquet will be wrapped as seen in the photograph.