The Gardenia has a very important meaning as it conveys a feeling of sincerity and is often given as a gift to celebrate friendships.
The gardenia is a delicate shrub-like evergreen plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family and originates in Asia and southern Africa. Its flowers are white and very fragrant and its leaves are shiny green.

Asia and southern Africa

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Dimensione piante da interno Frida's

Height: ca. 26-28 cm from the roots.
Pot: height 12 cm – Ø base 9,5 cm

Posizione ottima per piante Frida's

Choose a place in the home that is well-lit but not exposed to direct sunlight, to draughts or heat.

Innaffiatura piante interno Frida's

Watering must be regular to guarantee the right amount of humidity, although without exaggerating.

Ambiente ideale, umidità

The ideal temperature for gardenia is above 10°C.

Curiosità e storia della pianta Frida's

During the 19th century, noblemen used to wear gardenias in their buttonholes, while women habitually wore a gardenia corsage when attending the theatre in the evening.