Ficus Ginseng


The Ficus Ginseng, one of the most resilient bonsai, heralds health and a long life. Its splendid roots are a source of intrigue, making it a well-loved decorative and design element.

The name “ginseng” seems to have derived from the Chinese words “Jen-Shen”, which means “plant of man” as its roots resemble the legs of a human being. Ancient Indian belief holds that ficus growing near houses provide protection from the gods: a further confirmation of the value this plant represents for mankind.

South-east Asia

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Dimensione piante da interno Frida's

It is an evergreen shrub of medium size and can reach a maximum of 100-130 cm. Its brilliant dark-green foliage is shiny, oval and tough; its bark is light coloured. The most characteristic element of the ficus are its roots, which grow above ground to conspicuous dimensions, giving the trunk’s base its characteristic form.
Height: ca 30-35 cm from the exposed roots.
Pot: height 12 cm – Ø base 9,5 cm

Posizione ottima per piante Frida's

This plant benefits from a well-lighted setting, although it is best to avoid excess direct sunlight especially during the summer.

Innaffiatura piante interno Frida's

Water abundantly from the beginning of Spring to the end of Summer, checking that the soil is dry before watering. Avoid water accumulation in the flowerpot dish. When Autumn arrives, moisten the soil periodically and remember to vaporise the foliage often.

Ambiente ideale, umidità

Temperature: not inferior to 10°C.