Daisy Bouquet


The daisy has a number of positive meanings linked to the concept of “truth”. It is a simple flower that expresses modesty, as well as faithful love and patience. The daisy is long loved for its timeless beauty and apparently simple form. Once upon a time, young girls used to pick daisies in fields to adorn their hair.
Chose the colour and number of daisies you would like and we will prepare your Frida’s style Daisy Bouquet.

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Frida's suggestions

A few suggestions to help your flower bouquet last longer:

  • Shorten the stems of your bouquet by 2 cm every two days
  • Make sure the water in the vase is fresh and clean
  • Do not place the flowers in direct sunlight or air currents

Please note: The bouquet is held in a glass vase (ht. 18cm e Ø11,5cm). The images are for demonstration purposes to show the size of the bouquet. The glass vase is not included and the bouquet will be wrapped as seen in the photograph.