Coffee Plant


Coffee Plant the ideal plant for the kitchen or living room: placed on a shelf or table, it will make your coffee break more enjoyable at any moment of the day.

The coffee plant, or Coffea Arabica, is a small evergreen tree that originates in the Ethiopian uplands. It is a leafy shrub with long oval-shaped, shiny dark-green leaves that are pointed at the tip, and has a short stalk.

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Dimensione piante da interno Frida's

Height: ca. 25-26 cm from the roots.
Pot: height 11 cm, Ø base d. 8,5 cm

Posizione ottima per piante Frida's

This plant likes luminous settings as well as penumbra, but not direct sunlight which, when filtered through window glass, can burn the leaves, giving cause to unpleasant dull brown stains.
During the hottest months of the year it can be set outside on a balcony for example.


It should not be exposed to wind thus we advise keeping the plant sheltered from draughts.

Ambiente ideale, umidità

To assure a luxuriant growth, it is best to keep the plant, summer and winter, at a temperature of circa 20° C.