Butterflies Sushi


The Sushi is composed of:

  • Lilac Carnations
  • Small Salmon colour Daisies
  • Fuchsia Veronica
  • Sea Holly
  • Fuchsia Statice

Sushi is our great, little battle horse. The favourite product of our customers. A patented wet sponge (ht. 10cm, Ø8cm), wrapped in floral-themed paper, releases water for the duration of the flowers, the protagonists of this historic Frida’s creation: cut flowers.
Butterflies Sushi is the perfect gift for the free spirited and those who enjoy strong colour combinations.

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Frida's suggestions

To take care for your Sushi we suggest adding water with a spoon to the centre of the composition every two days.
By absorbing the correct amount of water the flowers will desiccate properly for later conservation.